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Filmmaker . Family Man . Faith . Fortitude

I have worked in film & video production for over 15 years.  

Starting as an intern at Spyglass Entertainment, and developing into an independent writer/director/producer, I have the creative vision to develop original ideas and the industry experience to turn them into a reality.  Spending my childhood in a South Pacific jungle,

I cultivated a unique imagination and found a perspective that could be shared through visual storytelling. From construction work in Boston to film school in L.A., from Hollywood studios to indie's and commercials, I have served in nearly every capacity on and off set. 

Whether you are producing a feature film, a nonprofit docu-story, TV advertisement

or internet promo, I have the insight to assemble the right team and equipment,

and the grit and determination to walk it through to the end. 

If you have a story to tell, let's talk.

A persistent writer.   A passionate director.   A scrupulous producer. 

(I also work as AP, 1st AD, UPM, Editor, Shooter, etc. )

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